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TD Aeroplan Case Study

Empowering TD customers in a vast ecosystem of information.

In 2013, TD approached Mirum (then known as Twist Image) to create and produce the digital campaign assets that would accompany the launch of the TD’s line of four new Aeroplan credit cards.

The digital assets for the campaign were numerous and involved a great amount of UX strategy to identify and understand the various touchpoints a user could access and the connections between them. The role of the User Experience team in this project was to map the digital components of the campaign, understand the mindset of the user in navigating the campaign and develop a strategy to address any gaps and needs throughout the experience.

CLIENT: TD Canada Trust

AGENCY: Mirum (Twist Image)

ROLE: UX Lead - Design, Research & Strategy



Understanding the Big Picture

The process of understanding the reach of the campaign and the various touchpoints in which a user could access it, began with the creation of a content matrix and ecosystem map. I created these documents to allow the project team to have a holistic view of the campaign components, understand how those components related to each other and inform ideas related to filling the gaps in the experience.

Content Matrix

Content Matrix

Ecosystem Map

Ecosystem Map


Assessing User Needs

Once I had an idea of all of the campaign assets and how they were related I was able to focus my attention on understanding the audience groups and their needs. I merged research and personas provided by TD, with research conducted within our agency, to create user scenarios and content maps.

Excerpt from the user scenario document which featured scenarios for six different personas

Excerpt from the user scenario document which featured scenarios for six different personas

User Scenarios

I created the user scenario document to describe the stories and context behind why the six different user groups would be entering the campaign ecosystem. The information within the scenarios helped to inform the content of the campaign and the organization of that content throughout the ecosystem. 

Content Map

I used research and deliverables created to this point to develop three content maps based on the patterns that arose from the six audience segments. The content maps informed the content plan and hierarchy within each channel and helped to build a seamless customer experience.

One of three experience maps created as part of the research and discovery phase of this project.

One of three experience maps created as part of the research and discovery phase of this project.


Designing the Experience

The experience design for this project stretched across a number of projects. As the UX lead I was involved in everything from the content planning and wireframing of product pages on the TD Canada Trust website to creative ideation and user experience strategy for a mobile application to accompany the campaign. Among these projects I was tasked with the experience design for the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card website.


TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card Website

The TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card was regarded as the main card in the lineup of TD Aeroplan credit cards. The website had to be a hub for information and tools to help potential applicants understand the benefits and details of the card, calculate reward options and apply. The UX research informed creative ideation and led to a concept that integrated user interaction with storytelling. 

Information Architecture

The experience design for the site started with an articulation of the information architecture through a site map. The architecture was designed to be shallow and concise with emphasis being placed on the home/landing page as the main area for story-driven content. For launch, the site had to serve a diverse audience set that included new card applicants and current card owners who were considering switching to TD. This resulted in a mapping of pages that seamlessly flowed between information about the bank, the card, the program and the contest. 



I used a lean UX approach throughout the creative development of the Infinite card site by creating sketches of site pages/components and collaborating closely with the creative team in turning those sketches and UX ideas into designs. The reward calculator portion of the site provided unique challenges in designing the inputs, interactions and outcomes in a responsive format.

Functional Specifications

Once the creative design stage was completed for the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite website I wrote functional specifications that outlined the behaviours and interactions within the site components and pages. These specs aid the tech and QA teams with development and testing of the site and also help clients to understand proposed functionality. 



The initial version of the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite card website included a contest form and reward calculator that both saw a high conversion rate and led to 100,000+ potential card applicants in the first 10 weeks of the program. 

What was originally supposed to be a temporary campaign site gained permanency in the TD ecosystem and became the main hub for information on the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card.

Continuous testing and analysis informed a redesign in 2015. I revisited the user experience and content strategy of the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite site and condensed the site into a one-page responsive format. The strategy was informed by the change in the card status (being familiar in the market) and a change in user behaviour from information gathering to product comparison. The site continues to be revised and updated with new messaging as various campaigns around the card evolve and change.